GT Plywood Member of KTS Group of Companies

GT Plywood Products

  • Max Length   2440mm
  • Max Width   1220mm
  • Max Thickness   25mm
  • Min Length    1800mm
  • Min Width    900mm

Plantation Green Products,

Acacia Veneer & Plywood Products

Since year 2007 ECO material of ACACIA tree was tested, Acacia Plywood product of 100%(A100), 70%(A70) and 50%(A50) was produced.
Acacia log merit are; supply volume consistent and stable log price.

Acacia Sawn Timber Products

Our Acacia log density is higher than other country Acacia tree density. It is good for Flooring lumber or harder requirement usage.

Certification Acquired

Japan Agricultural Standard (JAS) Certification

General Plywood

Concrete Panel

Structural Panel

MS ISO 9001:2008 QMS